HBCU Schools and Students 

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are the only institutions in the United States that were created for the express purpose of educating Black citizens. These institutions were established during the decades after the Civil war until 1964. Many were started by the federal government’s Freedmen’s Bureau with assistance from whites—primarily abolitionist missionaries and Northern philanthropists, who either wanted to Christianize Blacks or train them for their industrial enterprises. African Americans, through the African Methodist Episcopal Church, also established HBCUs.

“Alumni giving starts with students. We need to start teaching students about giving back while they’re still on campus instead of waiting until they are alumni and are easily distracted by life.”—Nelson Bowman III, executive Director of Development, Prairie View A&M University

LEGENDS HBCU Scholarship Fund

LEGENDS™ has established a charitable donation program within our company called the LEGENDS™ HBCU Scholarship Fund. This program allows each customer to select from a list of HBCU’s to receive a portion of their purchase donated as aid for these financially challenged schools and their students. LEGENDS offers unique designs featuring a postage stamp theme. Each design is of a true African American historical icon which allows the wearer to proudly make a statement about the significance of each icon. These designs are displayed on T-shirts, ladies dress tees and hoodies.

LEGENDS™ Urban Wear is 100% committed to helping students attend college, so much that 51% of the profits of EVERY purchase made on this site will go to the HBCU of your choice.


Of the overall college student population attends an HBCU ~300,000 students (nces.ed.gov)


Of all Black college graduates with bachelor's degrees come from an HBCU (nces.ed.gov)


Of the freshman class of nearly half of the HBCU's come from low-income backgrounds (npr.org)


Of HBCU Students use federal loans to finance their college education (uncf.org)

LEGENDS™ Urban Wear is very passionate about helping people fulfill their dreams, goals and their rights in life. We are all created equal but unfortunately born into an unfair world where there’s classification and opportunity based on access to wealth.

African Americans have always been a collective. You’re probably familiar with the African Proverb “It takes a whole village to raise a child.” Everyone contributes to everyone else’s success and no one can take credit for his or her own success. We all collectively contribute directly or indirectly in our community and we all want to see others in our community succeed. Our ancestors knew that Our-Story was often unwritten often untold. Can you imagine a future with no limits? Can you imagine a past that made it all possible?

LEGENDS™ Urban Wear is 100% committed in helping students attend college, so much that 51% of the profits of every purchase made on this website will go to an HBCU of your choosing.

Education and going to college are a spiritual thing for the Black Community. For so long our community was not allowed to be educated. We know our ancestors fought for us to sit in these classrooms with the same opportunities as everyone else. There should never be a price for education or opportunity in society.

“If we don’t know our history we have no history; If we don’t give back we stay back, and if we stand tall we stand on the backs of those who came before us.”

Mr. Kim Perkins, Founder and CEO
LEGENDS™ Urban Wear
Thank you for your support!

Remember when you checkout to choose the HBCU you wish to support!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are HBCU's and why should I support them?

HBCU stands for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. These are higher education institutions established in the United States before 1964.  For many African American students, they are safer and more nurturing places. HBCUs continue to be the most effective institutions for graduating African American students. HBCUs disproportionately serve students that face wealth inequality, systematic K–12 disparities, and discrimination. In addition, federal government financial support for HBCUs is on the decline. LEGENDS is passionate about education and giving each person a chance to carve out their future. LEGENDS is here to give support to students struggling with the financial burden of a college education and we encourage you to do the same. 

How do I pick a School to support on LEGENDS website?

On the checkout page on LEGENDS™ website is a dropdown menu that lists every HBCU. Simply click on the school you wish to support then finish checking out and LEGENDS™ will record your choice.

Which schools are HBCU schools?


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